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Acquisition Criteria

Mission Pacific understands the cyclical nature of real estate and has experience recognizing inherent market entry and exit points.

Mission Pacific takes a disciplined approach to acquire undervalued, well-located assets in sustainable markets. Acquisitions are focused on properties where Mission Pacific has the opportunity to add value. Examples include the following:


1.     Unimproved property in supply-constrained markets requiring  planning, mapping, or other entitlements.

2.     Entitled property with issues requiring significant land development expertise and experience.

3.     Improved property that can be purchased below replacement cost.

4.     Distressed property or undercapitalized property that requires accelerated due diligence periods and closing


5. Well-located property that could benefit from a creative and flexible, entrepreneurial approach.

Due to anticipated holding periods of 3 to 7 years, Mission Pacific typically does not utilize debt on non-income producing assets, thus minimizing financial risk, and providing for maximum flexibility.

While Mission Pacific will consider investments across all property types, it primarily targets residential and mixed-use land investments.


Mission Pacific
4100 Newport Place, Suite 790
Newport Beach, CA 92660
949-333-6752 - Office
949-483-6752 - Fax

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