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Park West, Riverside, CA


Tract 31157 & Park West Specific Plan

Up to 2,027 Units



In 2021, Mission Pacific purchased the Park West property is located in Perris, CA.  The property has an approved Specific Plan and a Development Agreement that contemplates the development of approximately 534 acres into a master-planned community that can include up to 1,533 single-family detached homes and up to 474 townhome units for a total of up to 2,027 dwelling units divided across three phases.

Mission Pacific’s business plan for the Park West property is to: process the entitlement work on the Phase 1 property to allow it to be sold to a public homebuilder. In addition, Mission Pacific will commence new land planning, floodway analysis, and process entitlements to allow for all or a significant portion of Phase 2 and 3 property to be developable in a 3‐to‐6‐year timeframe. 

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