Stratford Ranch, Perris, CA

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Stratford Ranch is a 400 + acre mixed-use development located near Lake Perris and adjacent to a state fairground and park. The Ranch was purchased in 2003 by a partnership managed by the Mission Pacific principals. Despite significant developmental constraints, including the need to acquire more than three dozen small "window parcels" within Stratford Ranch, Mission Pacific principals were able to entitle and sell nearly 100 acres of property to two separate homebuilders, eliminating all debt on the balance of the property and returning the original investment capital to its partners.

Mission Pacific continues to manage the project and is solving the complex and multi-jurisdictional developmental issues facing the balance of the Stratford Ranch, which includes commercial, residential and industrial uses. The development issues include the widening and realignment of a major regional storm drain, the creation of two major detention basins, and the design and widening of the state's Lake Perris emergency run-off channel.

Mission Pacific sold the industrial component containing 93.5 acres to IDI in July 2013. In addition, Mission Pacific has obtained approval of 270 6000 square foot lots on a portion of the residential property.

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